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Metropolitan Landscapes: policentrism, dilatations, multiperipheries and microperipheries

Author: Carles Llop Torné

Published in: REVISTA PAPERS. Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona. Núm. 47. El repte del paisatge en àmbits metropolitans. Pàgs. 8-13

Language of the original text: català

Year: 2008

Summary: The use of the territory has always followed an expansionist trend. Notwithstanding, up until the last century the city has demonstrated a controlled configuration. Now, the city and the territory are changing inexorably and, consequently, how they are interpreted. But, what we perceive as an “urban landscape” or a “territorial landscape” should not be seen from an apocalyptic or nostalgic point of view. We revise the state of the city and the territory to improve them in an attempt to construct quality landscapes, proving the Catalan aphorism “el paisatge és l’ànima del territori” (the landscape is the soul of the territory). After all, it is never too late to start and nothing is completely lost when it comes to city, territory and landscape quality. In the article, the author refers the most substantive elements and dynamics of metropolitan landscapes and claims the worth of the concepts and instruments unfolded by the territorial planning, and the principles of environmental sustainability, as means to deal with the current stage of the city. In accordance to this goal the author introduces the challenge of renewing territorial planning basing on a reinvention of the landscape.